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Terms and conditions

1. What is

It is an electronic platform through which users/visitors can search for information about integrated cruise packages with yacht/sailboat or catamaran on Greek islands as well as to book recreational boats quickly and easily through an automated booking system. The aim of our website is to directly serve the interests of our customers by creating parameters on the platform for easy navigation and immediate booking. The website is owned by our company with the distinctive title Trip in Greece, which is located in the Municipality of Alimos Attica on Pavlos Melas Street 35, postcode 17455, with VAT number 146997744 and GEMI number 162743503000.

2. Our Service

2.1. The services of shall be provided only to those who have reached the age of 18 and have full legal capacity. A declaration of untrue facts shall be subject to the penalties provided for by the legal provisions.

2.2. These Terms & Conditions, which may be modified at any time, apply to all our services, directly or indirectly, which are available online, via any mobile device, email or phone. By accessing, browsing, and using our website or any of our applications through any platform and/or by completing a reservation, you declare responsibly that you have read in detail, understood and fully accept the Terms & Conditions (incl. the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy). In every modification of the terms the user / visitor is informed the first time he/she enters the system after the modification. In order to be able to use the platform, he is asked to re-read and accept the amended terms.

2.3. Our company exclusively provides tourist mediation services through online booking. It does not have its own vessels or leases itself. Once the reservation is made, we act solely as an intermediary between the user and the provider of the rental vessel, sending via e-mail both the booking details to the relevant provider of the vessel and the confirmation of a reservation by the provider to the user.

2.4. Through, vessel providers advertise and display their vessels for rental purposes. All information (such as rental price, availability, photo material, etc.) displayed on our website is based on information provided by the relevant providers. Our company does not specify the rental prices, availability and other relevant information displayed on our platform. makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by the providers is accurate and true, ultimately however, it does not bear any responsibility for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the vessel providers nor for any act or omission thereof. The providers of the vessels have full responsibility for the performance of the contract, the proper indication of the rental price, the updating of the availability, the viewing of recent photos of the vessels as well as any other information displayed on our website.

2.5. The user/visitor, after searching for tourist destinations, recreational boats and availability, selects the vessel of his/her choice and makes an online reservation directly by creating a rental/lease contract directly with the vessel provider. The latter is the final recipient of the boat rental service.

2.6. Our company Trip in Greece is not a party to the boat rental/lease contract, nor does it constitute a representative, guarantor of the obligations, registered or assisting in the performance of any of the parties. The user acknowledges and accepts that he makes use of the services of on his own responsibility. No obligation is created against Trip in Greece and no claim whatsoever can be taken on by the user against it by not fulfilling the obligations towards the vessel provider. Accordingly, Trip in Greece is not liable to the vessel provider, in particular for the payment of the agreed rental price of the vessel(s) on the part of the user. Trip in Greece is responsible only for managing the reservation by sending email to the vessel provider on the one hand the user for the acceptance/confirmation of the reservation.

2.7. Our services are only available for private and noncommercial use. Therefore, you may not use, copy, sell, view or reproduce any content or information, products or services, available on our platform, for any commercial or competitive activity.

3. Booking procedure

3.1. The user/visitor receives – through our website – tourist destination information and accepts the offers of advertised boats displayed by the providers.

3.2. The user/visitor, after selecting the sailing area, the base and the date he/she wishes to travel, is transferred to the respective vessels. They select the vessel of their choice and at the same time read the vessel details, specifications, equipment and information of the vessel provider. The user also chooses whether he/she wishes additional benefits or a captain.

3.3. The program will automatically recognize the discounts provided and, depending on the benefits it has chosen, will show it the final rental price. Once the user/visitor has set the number of the crew, he/she chooses “Next”.

3.4. The user/visitor completes the necessary fields (name, surname, address, postcode, city, country, phone, mobile, e-mail address) and after accepting the terms of use of the website by selecting the corresponding field, chooses ‘Send offer’.

3.5. Our company sends an email to the corresponding vessel provider with all the details of the reservation.

3.6. If the vessel provider confirms the availability and accepts the user’s request, our company sends to the user a booking confirmation via email, with all the details of the booking, the vessel’s booking, the rental price according to the services chosen etc.

3.7. From the time of booking, the customer has about a week to deposit the corresponding rental amount with the vessel provider in order to validate the booking. The credit/debit card or the user’s bank account is charged the relevant amount and the rental money is credited to the bank account of the vessel provider who wishes to rent. Regarding the booking amounts and reimbursement these differ from provider to provider. However, they are always listed in the offer the customer will receive.

3.8. After payment of the rental price, an email shall be sent again to the user with the proof of reservation as well as the documents of the vessel containing the carrier’s charterer. The booking customer explicitly accepts the carrier’s terms of chartering. After payment the provider will draw up the rental contract of the vessel according to its terms declaring the start of the lease.

4. Payment & invoicing

4.1. Our company Trip in Greece does not charge the user for information and services provided. It does not add to the rental price and provides the brokering of the reservation for free.

4.2. Our company receives its fee/commission from the provider (a small percentage on the rental price of the boat), once the rental payment of the boat(s) is completed.

4.3. Vessel providers shall set the rental price to be paid (in full or in part) to ensure the rental of their vessel(s). During the booking process, the user will be asked to guarantee the rental request he is submitting. Payment processing is safe. The credit/debit card or the bank account of the user is charged the relevant amount, and the money of the rental is credited to the bank account of the vessel provider, which he wishes to rent. We advise users to carefully check rental details and payment conditions before completing the booking and rental process, i.e. payment.

4.4. All prices on the website shall be per vessel for the entire booking, including VAT and all other taxes, unless otherwise indicated. We advise our users/visitors to carefully check all details, Terms & Conditions, and the rental details of the boat they are interested in before completing the rental. Obvious errors and typographical errors are not binding.

4.5. The customer is responsible and has to pay the rental price within the stipulated time limit set by the provider, otherwise the latter has the right to automatically terminate the contract and cancel the reservation.

5. Booking cancellation

5.1 By booking on our platform, the user understands and accepts the relevant Cancelation Policy of the respective boat provider, who is liable to him in case there is any refund. The Terms & Conditions of the delivery of the vessel provider can be provided by the relevant vessel provider.

5.2. The Cancelation Policy is available on our platform on each rental page, during the booking process, as well as on the confirmation email. Please note that some rentals do not offer the right to cancel or change. For this reason, we advise our users/visitors to always check and read the rental information carefully, as well as the Cancelation and Payment Policy, to find out if there are such special cases, before completing the rental and payment.

5.3. Please note that it is possible to cancel a rental (without notice) on behalf of the vessel provider if the relevant remaining rental amount cannot be collected on the relevant payment date based on the relevant rental payment policy. Late payment, incorrect bank account details, debit/credit card, or insufficient balance available are solely the responsibility of the user, who will lose the right to refund the amount paid in advance unless the vessel provider agrees otherwise. For viewing, processing, or cancelation of the rental, please contact directly.

6. Limitation of liability

6.1 Our company Trip in Greece is only liable for the actual losses to the extent permitted by law and if it is found to be liable for the failure to comply with its obligations. These losses are limited to a maximum of the amount of the reservation.

6.2. In no case shall our company be liable for its independent affiliates who register, display, provide and promote services through it and do not belong to its staff.

6.3. Our company is not liable – as a non-contracting party – for any loss of money, compensation for loss or damage caused by breach or non-performance of the contract, loss of revenue, or any loss of loss of profits and losses due to any delay or cancelation, total or partial, overbooking, false declarations or any other event beyond our control. The objective responsibility shall always be the responsibility of the vessel’s provider and its employees.

6.4. Our company is not liable for any loss, damage or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, physical damage, material damage, death or any loss or any price paid by the customer or any criminal claim or damage resulting from loss of data or profits in connection with the use of our website.

6.5. Our company is not liable – as a non-party to the contract between the customer and the provider of the vessel – for any kind of delay in delivery and receipt of the vessel, including reasons of force majeure or strike.

6.6. Our company has no guarantee or any other liability for the proper performance of the contract.

7. Review and Comments

Once the rental period is completed, the customer receives an e-mail from our company, by which we invite him to leave his review and comments. The review may be posted on our platform’s rental page. The purpose of the publication is to inform future customers who are interested to proceed with boat rental and wish to read the reviews and comments of previous customers about the quality and experience of the services provided and the rental of the vessel. We reserve the right to adapt, deny, or remove criticisms and comments as we see fit.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

The user using the platform does not obtain any right on the intangible goods displayed on it. The entire content of the website as well as the marks, names, distinguishing marks, logos etc. displayed on the website belong to our company Trip in Greece.
Any copying, reproduction, exploitation and transfer of this content or part of it from any website, social media and websites is prohibited, without the written consent of our company.

9. Local jurisdiction of courts – applicable law

The customer can send any complaint in writing with acknowledgment of receipt to our company, which should include details of the complaint with the exact date and time, so that we do our best to resolve any problem that arose and concerns the booking in which our company is involved.
Any matter not explicitly regulated by the above conditions, is governed by the applicable legal provisions of the Civil Code and any more specific legal arrangements.
For any dispute that may arise from the use of the website, the Courts of Athens are competent according to Greek law. Our company Trip in Greece always sues and is exclusively sued in the Courts of Athens.

10. Privacy Policy

Security and protection of your personal information is a top priority for We undertake to handle your personal data responsibly and in compliance with all legal provisions in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and Implementing Law 4624/2019.This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use and Services of our website

A. Definition Of ‘Personal Data’

‘Personal data’ means any information relating to the data subject, such as, for example, the name, address of residence, date of birth and sex of the data subject, tax identification number, IRS, police or passport number, registered office address, name, mobile phone number, e-mail, etc.

B. Data Collected – Purpose of Processing

The personal data collected by our company are:

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Contact Phone
  • Email address

Our website collects users’ personal data only when they voluntarily provide them through the online booking. This data is necessary for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To know who we deal with when you approach us and you are interested in the services provided by us
  • In order to be able to contact you (by telephone, by electronic mail, online via the Skype or Cisco Webex Meetings platform) as part of our services
  • To inform you via email of news or offers related to our services
  • When we provide our services to our customers
  • For answers to any of your questions or for providing information about our services (when you ask us)

Our company Trip in Greece will never ask for “Sensitive Personal Data” such as for health, unless the user explicitly voluntarily gives them in order to create a reservation on a boat that meets the health requirements.
In order to ensure the legality of the relevant transactions, no data shall be sent or used by any third party other than the provider of the vessel, which is the final recipient of the boat rental service. Upon completion of the booking by the user, these booking details are automatically transferred to the vessel provider as they are necessary for the provision of the relevant services offered by the vessel operator. Vessel operators and vessel providers are legally committed to Trip in Greece to handle these data received from the company as confidential and to use them for the sole purpose of meeting and executing the requirements of electronic reservations, creating procedures for the confidentiality of transactions.

C. Consent and consent to processing by the data subject

The acquisition of personal data by us is done with the express consent of the users. The user / visitor, during the online reservation, is invited to complete the necessary fields (name, surname, address, postcode, city, country, telephone, mobile, e-mail address) in order to be able to send his/her offer. Then he will be asked to accept the Terms of Use of the website by selecting the corresponding field. As previously stated, the Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of our website. By accepting the Terms of Use, he accepts the Privacy Policy of our company. The user can withdraw his/her consent in writing (with a simple email) at any time in case he/she does not wish to continue the processing of his/her personal data by our company. Collection of personal data can be done by our company and in the framework of execution of cooperation agreements (e.g., with external partners).
We never collect children’s personal data; furthermore, we do not make decisions based on automated processing of personal data and while we advertise on Google ads, we do not collect visitors’ personal data.

Finally, users who have accepted the services of a vessel through our website if they wish can submit comments, reviews, ratings, photos and videos on social media through their account under the Terms of Use as well as participate in electronic voting of the website.
By uploading photos, videos or comments on the social media of our website, users of their own initiative, guarantee and agree that they own their copyright and at the same time agree that the platform can at its sole discretion use the material they uploaded. It grants the platform permission for non-exclusive use, for unconditional permanent and irrevocable permission to reproduce, display, distribute, communicate and make available this material. The user who uploads comments, photographs or videos assumes full legal and moral responsibility for any claim from third parties, including, among others, the providers of the vessels due to the publication and use of such material from our website, which disclaims any responsibility for the material posted. Users are prohibited from disclosing other persons’ personal data without their written consent.

D. Data recipients

Personal data are collected by our company. The information that is usually collected depends on the purpose and we are interested in it being as low as possible, provided that the purpose for which it is collected can be satisfactorily fulfilled. For the security of personal data, we take the necessary technical and organizational measures and apply controls, which are included in any reliable information security management system. Among these measures are techniques such as the minimization of personal data, pseudonymization and encryption.
The data are then automatically transferred from our company to each vessel provider as they are necessary for the provision of the relevant services offered by him. The operators and vessel providers are legally committed to Trip in Greece to handle these data received from the company as confidential and to use them for the sole purpose of meeting and executing the requirements of electronic reservations, creating procedures for the confidentiality of transactions.
For the best service, we ask users to inform us in a timely manner of any changes to their personal data that they have given us for processing. Our company keeps the personal data it collects until the completion of all processing purposes, unless another relevant obligation (or right) derives from the applicable legislation. We then delete or destroy the personal data we have collected from our archive (electronic or physical).

Ε. Exercise of data subjects’ rights

In any case, you can exercise the rights provided in the General Regulation (GDPR) and in particular:

  • Right to information (Articles 13, 14)
  • Data subject’s right of access (Article 15)
  • Right of correction (Article 16)
  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) (Article 17)
  • Right to limit processing (Article 18)
  • Right to information concerning recipients of personal data (Article 19)
  • Right to data portability (Article 20)
  • Right to object (Article 21)
  • Right to non-automated individual decision-making, including profiling (Article 22)

For your own better and faster service, you can exercise any of the above rights by sending us an email stating the subject of your communication, your name and your contact phone number in the following details:

Controller contact information
Trip in Greece (
Telephone: +30 698 378 6946

Finally, in case the user finds any violation of his/her personal data by us, he/she has the right to complain to the supervisory authority and if he/she is notified to us he/she will be informed within two months, while the Protection Authority within 72 hours of the incident.

F. Use for advertising

The user agrees that our company Trip in Greece will process and use his personal data for marketing activities, such as sending sms or e-mail with general information or promotional character (newsletters). The user can at any time send a relevant e-mail to with which he/she will declare/request to stop sending newsletters.

G. Transmission in case of legal provision

In the event of statutory provision, statutory order or formal preliminary examination, and in any case of finding or investigation of an illegal act, our company Trip in Greece has the right to make the relevant data available to the relevant public authority/agency.


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Cookies are small “files” that contain information that websites use to identify each user. Each time you visit, a cookie records your information, as well as the time you stayed on the website and the path you followed in your tour and in general your site activity. From the information collected by the cookies, other useful information is provided, such as the traffic of our website, etc. The above functions will also be achieved through the google analytics. The user will be notified of any new cookies being created and operated in the future. cookies are stored on the user’s computer, with their own approval, until they are deleted.

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